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Why Social Media Recruiting?

Skills shortages, vacancies that go unfilled for months, job boards bursting at the seams: You notice it, we notice it and jobseekers have been noticing it for a long time: the old way of recruiting no longer works. Short, precise, innovative and above all SOCIAL - these are the job advertisements of the future. The goal should be to find job seekers where they really are - on social media. What's more, social media can do something that job boards can't: Target the right candidates directly.

Reachable social media users in Switzerland

More than 4.7 million people in Switzerland use social media. Almost everyone is on social platforms - including, of course, a large proportion of jobseekers! Whatever age group you want to reach, we guarantee you can reach them through social media.

The problems

The biggest problems in digital recruiting.

Ineffective job platforms

Traditional job boards are becoming increasingly ineffective. Statistics show that the chance of finding someone on a traditional job board is around 1%. So you spend a lot of money only to find no one.



Lack of employer branding

Every company has an employer brand that can be positively influenced through targeted social media marketing. If you are known as an attractive employer, you will be more successful in recruiting in the long run.



Many applications, no quality

The fact that you can apply anywhere, anytime in a matter of seconds means that employers receive a huge number of applications, of which only a few are really suitable.



Application processes are complicated

Many applicants drop out during the application process because companies' recruitment systems are outdated and complicated.

About NK Media

Why NK Media is the right partner for your social media recruiting.

We are a young, motivated, innovative social media agency based in Zurich, Switzerland, that stands out for its efficient solutions and commitment. Quality, performance and reliability are our top priorities. We recruited all of our 15 employees through social media and know what we are talking about. Our social media expertise and diverse ideas will take your business to the next level!  Get in Touch

Time and costs

Social media recruiting is more cost-effective than classic digital recruiting methods. Because you can target your audience directly and reach exactly the right people, you can save time and money.

Broad Spectrum

We know that over 70% of employees in Switzerland are dissatisfied with their jobs. Social media recruiting reaches not only those who are actively looking for a job, but also passive job seekers.

Employer Branding

Employer branding means standing out positively from other employers. Those who clearly define their corporate identity and communicate it in the social recruiting process are more successful in the job market.

Measurable success

With social media recruiting, success can be measured. The ROI can be monitored, adjusted and optimised at any time. This allows you to plan ahead and use your budget efficiently.

Social Ads

To effectively promote your vacancies, we place ads on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Meta or Pinterest. Targeted advertising ensures that your job advertisements are seen by the right people.

Pre Screening

Need help with the pre-screening process? The pre-screening process is as much about personality as it is about hard skills. We can help you find candidates who are a perfect fit for your role and culture, and help you successfully fill your vacancy.

Top Candidates

You can then move on to the people who best match your vacancy in the application process.

Advertising platforms

Over 4.7 million people in Switzerland use at least one social media platform. On social media, one does not only reach active job seekers, but also the passive job seekers. These are those who could imagine changing jobs due to dissatisfaction, but are not actively on job portals.

If you are also known as an interesting employer on social media, you will have more success in the job market in the long run. We see time and again how little to nothing is invested in brand-building channels, which often becomes a problem, especially for B2B companies.


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